Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips From Our Chandler AZ Vet!

Summer Safety Tips for Your Pet

Keep Your Pet Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer months come with some different challenges when it comes to your pet. Take special care to accommodate your pet during the high-heat months so that they can remain safe and comfortable. Check out these tips provided by our Chandler AZ vet so that your pet can stay happy and safe all summer long!

Stay Hydrated

If you’re taking your pet out for the day whether to hike, visit a park, or run errands, be sure to bring water for the both of you. Your pet needs water throughout the day to maintain a healthy body temperature and prevent overheating. It can help to recognize the signs of dehydration, such as excessive panting or drooling. You can even switch to wet dog food during the hotter months for some extra hydration. Your dog needs water more often than we do, so always keep their hydration in mind whether you’re out and about or just relaxing at home.

Relax in the Shade

Staying out of the sun can help your pet maintain their body temperature and it can also protect them from harmful UV rays. Our dogs can get skin damage from the sun just like us, so it is essential to give them plenty of shade to protect their skin. Instead of shaving their coat, talk to your groomer about just lightening their coat if necessary. Your pet’s fur actually helps to block the sun like a shield, so you should never completely shave them. There are also pet sunscreens available to help protect your pet from skin damage. Talk to our team about your pet’s specific coat needs so that you can help them stay healthy and safe in the sun.

Car Safety

The biggest safety concern for pets is being left in a hot car alone. The inside of a car can reach dangerous temperatures in a matter of minutes, and you should never under any circumstances leave your pet in a hot car. If you must leave the car for any reason, bring your dog with you or opt to leave them at home. Not only is leaving your dog in a hot car dangerous, it is also illegal in many states. If you see an animal left alone in a hot car, take action immediately. You should also avoid driving with the windows down when your pet is traveling with you, because it can lead to them becoming injured or lost. Always use a carrier or recommended mode of transportation for your dog’s size. Talk to our team for more options and advice on traveling with your pet.

Mind Their Paws

Your pet’s paws are sensitive to hot and rough conditions. Try to take walks during the early morning or late afternoon hours when the sun is at its lowest point. If you must go on a walk during the middle of the day, try to stay on grass so that your pet’s paws don’t become injured or damaged. Hot surfaces can be really painful for your dog, so it is really important that you avoid them whenever possible. For more summer safety tips, contact our Chandler AZ vet. You can reach our team by calling (480) 681-6866 or by filling out an appointment request form directly on our site. Stay safe and enjoy summer with your pet!

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