Dog-Friendly Summertime Activities

Dog-Friendly Summertime Activities

Pet-Friendly Activities in Chandler, AZ

The summer is a wonderful time to bond with your pet! Our Chandler vet has some fun activities that you and your pet can do all summer long! Whether it’s going on a trip, relaxing in the kiddie pool, or just playing fetch, there are so many fun things to do with your pup! Check out our favorite dog-friendly summertime activities!

Pool Day

Kiddie pools are great for dogs of all sizes because they let them enjoy the water without the hard work of swimming. Try getting a kiddie pool for your pup with a few inches of water so that they can safely have fun in the sun! If your pet knows how to swim, you can even bring them in the full-sized pool, just be sure to put on a life vest! Safety first! Of course, you should always keep an eye on your pet in the pool, and never leave them unattended near any body of water.

Go on a Hike

Hikes are an excellent way to get active and be in nature, especially during the warmer months. Dogs of all sizes can enjoy going on hikes, just be sure to be prepared! Bring water and a collapsible bowl for your pup and consider getting them some shoes to protect their paws if you will be exploring rough terrain. Try to choose a trail that offers your pet a lot of shade to help protect them from the effects of the sun. Click here to view local hiking trails.

Only bring your pup on a hike if they have been properly socialized. You can easily run into other animals while on your adventure, so you want to ensure that your pup knows how to handle social interactions.


If you are in need of some adventure, go check out a new spot with your pup! Find a new dog park in your area or go for a walk somewhere different! We do recommend that you research the area before bringing your dog, just so that you can ensure it is totally safe for your pup. If you will be going to lunch or a store, call ahead to make sure they are a dog-friendly space. You don’t want to leave your dog outside unattended, especially if you are in a new area. Be sure to have your pup wear their identification tags so that they can be easily reunited with you if they somehow get lost.


Going on an overnight trip with your pup can be an amazing experience, just be sure to do your research! Choose a safe area that has minimal wildlife and greenery. Several plants found in the wild can be poisonous to your pet if ingested, so try to find an area with a lot of space. Bring any necessary gear to keep your puppy safe and keep a watchful eye on your pet every time you are in a new area. Don’t forget to pack all the essentials to keep your pet happy and safe for the duration of your trip.

Pet Party

One creative way to help socialize your pup is to host a puppy party! Bring out some interactive dog toys and a kiddie pool to help your puppy friends enjoy the party! This can also be a great way to get to know other dog owners in your area. Make sure your pup is comfortable being around other dogs before inviting everyone over for a play date. Your pup should also be properly vaccinated before spending time around other dogs.


If you’re feeling sentimental, have a photoshoot with your pup! Capture the memories that you and your dog share together by dedicating a day to taking some silly photos! You can make up some themes or even get some fun costumes to really go all out.


Have a picnic with your pup to enjoy a sunny day! Find a shady spot to settle down and enjoy some delicious food with your furry friend. Pack a special lunch of doggie food for your pup, don’t just feed them what you’re having. A lot of human food can cause tummy issues for dogs, so get a treat made specifically for dogs. Be sure to bring a frisbee or ball so that you can have a game of catch after lunch!

Make Summer Treats

Feel confident in the kitchen? You can make some special treats for your puppy! Homemade dog treats are simple to make and they come in all different forms. Try making some popsicles for your pup to enjoy, or even some biscuits! You can even freeze some dog toys in ice to give them a refreshing challenge to occupy their time!

Bury Treasure

Looking for a way to entertain your curious pup? We recommend hiding their toys around the house or yard! This can let them use their nose and strengthen their sniffing skills! This can keep them occupied for some time and it can lead to a great game of fetch afterwards!

Start a Walking Group

If you live in an area with a lot of dog owners, consider starting a walking group! This can be a great way for your pup to socialize and to meet some other dog owners in your area. Dogs need to go on walks every day to get their energy out and maintain their health. Next time you are on a walk with your pup, talk to other dog owners on your route to see if they would be interested!

Build Interactive Dog Toys

Getting creative can be so rewarding for you and your pup! Try building some at-home interactive dog toys to keep your pet mentally engaged all day long. Try putting a rod through plastic water bottles and put some treats inside the bottles. Your pup can tip the water bottle over to get the treats out, and then the bottle will swing right back around. You can also create a mini obstacle course to give them a bit more of a challenge. This can be fun for you and your pet!

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