Entertaining a New Kitten

Check Out These Helpful Tips to Entertain Your Kitten in Chandler AZ from Our Experts

If you’ve just adopted a new kitten in Chandler, AZ, you know that they have seemingly endless amounts of energy that need to be channeled through play–otherwise, you’ll have a kitten who is prone to destroying your own property instead of their toys. 

Fortunately, there are easy and fun ways to keep your kitten entertained. 

Keep reading to learn how to keep your new kitten occupied and happy! 

Create a Jungle Gym

Did you know that kittens love climbing and exploring just as much as children? Consider purchasing tubes, cat trees, perches, and hideaways. You’ll soon see whether your new kitten prefers being up as high as possible or hidden near the ground. 

These “jungle gyms” can also provide your kitten with extra stimulation while you’re playing with them, as they’ll be encouraged to spring through tunnels or climb up their cat tree in order to catch their prey. 

Give Them a View

All cats love soaking up the warmth from a window and taking in the views outside as people, animals, and cars pass. This can also provide your kitten with extra stimulation if you’re not able to play with them right away. 

Ideally, you’ll want to give them at least three different window views throughout the house so that there’s always something interesting for them to look at. They’ll also be able to have a cozy, sunny napping spot no matter the time of day. 

Short Play Sessions

Lastly, it’s important that you play with your kitten at least twice a day. For kittens, it’s best for them to play for short stretches of about 10 minutes each, breaking up their play sessions for the morning, afternoon, and evening. 

Most kittens will let you know when they’re ready to play, as you’ll find them zooming around the house and wrestling their toys! Here are some ideas for easy, fun ways to play with them: 

  • Use a wand toy for them to chase
  • Throw their favorite toy
  • Rub a toy they can wrestle against their belly

It’s recommended to put away string toys when they’re not in use to reduce the risk of strangulation. Your kittens will also find string toys interesting for longer when they don’t have access to them all the time. 

Start Playing with Your Kitten Today

Playtime keeps your kitten in Chandler, AZ from destroying your property and grants you a unique opportunity to bond with your cat. If you find that they’re biting your hands or feet, don’t hit or yell at them! Instead, divert their attention to a toy and praise them once they start playing with it instead.

Want more tips on how to keep your pets happy and healthy? Our veterinarians are here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your new kitten! 

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