Tips from Your Vet in Chandler, AZ: The Best Way to Walk Your Dog

Tips from Your Vet in Chandler, AZ: The Best Way to Walk Your Dog

Tips from Your Vet in Chandler, AZ

Does your dog seem hyper even after you’ve gone on a long walk? Are they constantly tugging at the leash and reacting to passersby? It may be time to start considering how you’re walking your dog. 

Ideally, walks will stimulate your dog’s mind and body so that they’re ready to take a long nap by the end. 

Keep reading to learn some quick tips on how to walk your dog the most effective way in Chandler, AZ! 

Use a Short Leash

One of the first mistakes most dog owners make is using a long leash that allows your dog to wander far away from them. Not only does this make your dog harder to control and keep safe, but your dog will also begin to think that they’re in charge of the walk instead of you! 

Instead, choose a short leash that’s four to six feet long so that your dog sticks next to you. 

Focus on Loose Leash Walking

Walking while the leash is constantly tense means that your dog isn’t paying attention to you–they’re just focused on trying to go as fast as they can, wherever they can. Since they’re so focused on tugging, this may mean that you find that your dog is still tense and hyperactive by the end of the walk. 

Focus on training them to loose leash walk so that their mind is stimulated by needing to focus on your directions. You can start by stopping in your tracks whenever your dog tugs, then have them come back to you and reward them with a treat. 

As you’re walking with a loose leash, you can reward your dog every time they look up to you and slow their gait. 

Let Them Sniff

Dog owners can err on the side of being too strict for their dogs, as well. For example, dogs get the most stimulation during their walks when they stop to sniff, and if you’re not allowing them some time to perform this natural behavior, you’re cheating them out of a good and stimulating walk. 

Put simply, your dog will be happier if you let them explore their natural environment! 

Enjoy Dog Walks in Chandler, AZ

Keep in mind that you’ll need to be patient and kind with your dog, especially when you’re just starting to train them. For example, if you have a dog that likes to pull at the leash, you’ll need to train them slowly and consistently.

Over time, your effort will be well-rewarded with a happier dog who’s ready to relax once you get home! 

It’s also important to schedule yearly checkups to know your dog is fit and healthy. Contact us today to make an appointment! 

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