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Your dog or cat is a part of your family. That means you should give them the same quality healthcare you provide the rest of your family. Pet Doctor is a full-service veterinary clinic in Chandler, AZ. Our trusted, experienced veterinarians offer affordable veterinary services at the quality of care you would expect for your two- or four-legged family members. Whether your pets need preventative care, dental work, or surgery, we have them covered. Take care of your dog or cat’s health and safety by getting them vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your pet’s medical needs. We treat every pet we see as if they were our own. We’d be happy to provide a routine exam to ensure your pet is feeling well. Check out the services we offer and give us a call to schedule an appointment. We gladly accept new patients, so bring your canine and feline family members in for a visit.

Comprehensive Veterinary Services in Chandler

Pet Doctor is a full-service veterinarian, providing all the veterinary services your dog or cat might need. Learn more about the services we offer, and be sure to contact us for an appointment.

  • Pet Exams – The best way to find out what’s going on with your dog or cat is to bring them in for a thorough examination. Our experienced, compassionate veterinarians can diagnose any illnesses or injuries your pet may be dealing with. We can create a customized care plan for your pet, which may include a yearly wellness exam, nutritional advice, and preventative care.
  • General Veterinary Services – We perform a variety of tests, including checking for heartworm, parvo, and more. Our veterinary clinic can microchip your pet, so they’re more likely to be returned to you if they become lost. We offer grooming services such as ear cleaning and nail trims as well as other services, including radiographs, blood profiles, and more.
  • Canine & Feline Vaccines – Your dogs and cats need vaccines to stay healthy and protect them. We offer canine vaccines for rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Lepto, and rattlesnake vaccines. For cats, we provide vaccines for FCVR, FeLV, and rabies.
  • Spay & Neuter – Do your part to help control the pet population by having your animals sterilized so they can no longer reproduce. We offer affordable services for cats and dogs, including spaying, neutering, and pregnancy charges.
  • Dental Work – Don’t overlook the oral health of your pets. Dogs and cats need their teeth cared for. Healthy teeth and gums can improve their overall health. Your pet could be in pain without showing any symptoms, so visit us for a checkup, cleaning, x-rays, and other dental services.
  • Surgery – Our vets perform tests to ensure that surgery is necessary for your pet. We examine your dog or cat’s heart, take bloodwork, and administer pre-anesthetic. Surgeries we perform for your pets include spaying and neutering, soft tissue surgery, tumor removal, and more. Contact us to learn more about the major surgeries we perform, surgery check-in times, and useful information.

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Pet Doctor is proud to be your full-service veterinary clinic in Chandler, AZ. Our veterinarians have the experience and compassion your pets need. You shouldn’t trust your pets to just anyone. Our team provides your pet with the best care possible. It’s not easy having a sick pet, but we do everything we can to ensure the process is less stressful. Whether your dog or cat needs preventative care or surgery, they’re in good hands with us. Pets are important members of our families and should be treated as such. We’ll treat every dog or cat we care for like they’re members of our family. Keep your pets safe and healthy with necessary services such as microchipping, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, dental work, and much more. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or learn more about us.

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