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Veterinary Dental Procedures

Full-Service Dental Care for Your Pet

Just like humans, pets need to have their teeth cleaned and polished regularly, and they need dental exams to check that their teeth are in optimal health. Different breeds may have specific issues you need to look out for, and your veterinary dental care provider can help you identify what those might be.

Dental Care for Vets in Chandler, AZ

Tooth Exams, Cleaning, and Polishing

The main difference between human dental exams and cleanings and the same services for pets is that your pet will have to be put under anesthesia in order for an exam to be performed. It’s imperative that your pet remain completely still while they’re undergoing their dental services. Even the most mild-mannered pet may bite a technician during a dental service, or they could jerk their head or move their jaw too much, causing their service to become dangerous. Our technicians are experienced in the best way to get your pet to stay still during their visit.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Routine care and maintenance are key to ensuring that your pet doesn’t need extensive or emergency pet dental surgery. We offer full-mouth radiograms and dental x-rays that help your veterinarian see the roots of the tooth to better understand if any disease has spread or if other extensive repairs are needed.

Your veterinarian will discuss things you can do at home to ensure optimal oral health between visits. There are chew toys and other similar tools for cleaning your pet’s teeth. You can even add drops to your pet’s water that act as a mouthwash.

Be sure your pet is getting enough water. As they get older, some pets lose their appetite or don’t want to drink as much. Always have fresh water available and brush your pet’s teeth regularly. Your veterinarian should be able to give you recommendations on toys and water drops that work for your pet.

Pet Dental Cleaning

There are many ways you can clean your pet’s teeth at home. The professionals at Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ can teach you how to do this. Bring whatever pet toothbrush you use at home so the instructions will be accurate. At our facility, your trained veterinary dental technician will use professional tools to examine and clean your pet’s teeth.

Does Your Pet Need Veterinary Dental Care?

If your pet has bad breath or seems to be in pain, contact our veterinary dental experts at Pet Doctor, as these may be signs of infection or another serious issue. Dental cleanings are the best insurance that your pet’s breath remains fresh.

If your pet’s mouth or jaw was injured, a veterinary dental technician can assess if they need more extensive care.

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Your pet’s dental care is important. Request an appointment today to find out more about routine maintenance care. At Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ, we treat your pet as if we’re treating our own.