Orthopedics at Pet Doctor

Orthopedics at Pet Doctor

Trusted Orthopedic Care for Your Pet

Whether your pet needs maintenance care or an emergency procedure, the experts at Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ will make sure that they get through it safely and comfortably. Our staff is trained to treat your pets like their own to ensure that they’re doing everything possible to get your pet back to an active lifestyle.

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Every breed of dog comes with its own issues that may require orthopedic repairs. Many small breed dogs are prone to dislocated kneecaps and small fractures. Larger dogs may have torn ligaments due to added stress on their joints. The veterinary orthopedists at Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ know how to identify breed-specific issues quickly so your pet can receive the right care and recover.

When Do Pets Need Orthopedic Surgery?

If you see your pet become physically injured, this is the most obvious sign that it may need orthopedic care. Watch your pet carefully after the injury to see if they favor one of their limbs, appear to be in pain, or if there are visible signs of bone laceration or breakage.

Your pet may injure themselves out of your view, but you’ll still see the visible signs that orthopedic care may be needed. You’ll want to monitor your pet to see if they favor a limb or they appear to be in pain.

Some issues that require orthopedic surgery are congenital, which means that your pet’s genetics are predisposed to a condition. Your veterinary orthopedic surgeon will know what issues you may need to watch out for and what the signs are for each one. The best way to ensure your pet gets the best orthopedic care in a timely manner is to take them in for regular checkups.

Orthopedic Care for Dogs

There are many treatments for dogs that need orthopedic care aside from surgical options. Orthopedic surgery can be harsh for any pet. The most common issues are usually mild and can be treated by a veterinary technician at your regular provider.

Pay attention to your pet to ensure that the condition they need to be treated for hasn’t progressed to the point where it is painful or the dog can’t properly move around without extreme discomfort.

If your dog isn’t eating or has reduced its activity significantly, these are often signs of extreme pain or discomfort. Dogs don’t always cry in pain, so you need to pay attention to all signs of discomfort or changes in behavior.

Dogs that have problems with their hips or other joints may benefit from physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, or both before orthopedic surgery is needed. Your veterinarian will be able to assess your dog and help you decide what the best option is for treatment. When you speak to them, be sure you’ve taken note of any observations about your dog’s behavior.

Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery

Whether your pet needs maintenance care for a chronic orthopedic issue or they’ve had a traumatic injury, the orthopedic surgery experts at Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ will care for them as their own. Some of the procedures our experts can accommodate include:

  • Disorders that affect the bones and joints – arthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, joint deterioration, osteoarthritis, and others
  • Common injuries – fractures and breaks, dislocations of the knees, elbows, and shoulders, and other bone injuries and luxations
  • Chronic conditions – osteochondrosis, metabolic bone disorders, immune-mediated arthritis, cancerous arthritis, and other conditions that need continuous orthopedic care.

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Your pet’s comfort and safety are our top priority. If you’re not sure what your pet needs, we can help you understand the kind of orthopedic care that is required for their condition. Request an appointment today and take the first step to improve your pet’s comfort and getting them back to an active lifestyle.