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Expert Guidance for Your Pet Emergencies

When your pet experiences acute pain, injury, or other sudden and severe symptoms, you need care quickly from experts who understand your distress. Requiring emergency care can be frustrating and scary. The experts at our emergency care center in Chandler, AZ will treat your pets like their own.Pet Emergencies in Chandler, AZ

Enjoy Peace of Mind While Your Pet Receives Care

Your pets can feel when their owners are upset. They pick up on the little cues and see what their owners are feeling. The urgent veterinary care experts at our facility understand that you’re worried about your pet and will do their best to answer all of your questions and give you peace of mind while your pet is receiving care.

How to Tell Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

An emergency means that your pet needs immediate care that cannot wait until it can be seen by its regular veterinarian. Accidents resulting in visible traumatic injury are the most obvious situations requiring emergency care. Traumatic injury means that your pet is bleeding profusely, has broken bones, or has been otherwise debilitated by their injury.

Other signs that urgent veterinary care is needed include anything else that can’t wait for a regular veterinary visit: if your pet is having trouble breathing, foaming at the mouth, collapsed or fainted, if they can’t stop vomiting or they have diarrhea that isn’t stopping, if they have a seizure, or if you see that their belly is swollen.

Before you bring your pet in, call ahead and tell us as much information as possible so we can help you as soon as you arrive with your pet. Be aware of when symptoms start, how severe they are, and what your pet has been eating or drinking in the last few hours before the symptoms began.

What Happens When You Bring Your Pet In for an Emergency

After you arrive at the urgent veterinary care facility, one of the veterinarians will bring your pet to an exam room and ask you questions about what happened. If you’ve never been to Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ before, you’ll have to fill out some initial intake paperwork for your pet.

It is understandable to be in distress when your pet is experiencing an emergency situation. Try to stay as calm as possible to make the visit easier for your pet. They need you to speak for them and in an emergency, this is more important than ever. You may have to repeat information that you already said over the phone. The veterinarians need to know everything up to the moment you arrive in order to get your pet the best care possible.

Your pet may need tests in order to understand what’s going on. If your pet has an illness or has ingested something that caused their symptoms, a blood analysis will determine what can help. X-rays can show what’s going on inside your pet, and for serious physical injuries or foreign body removal, surgery may be required.

Your veterinarian may prescribe medication or topical treatment for your pet when they make a diagnosis. Be sure to adhere to the instructions exactly and ask any questions about the treatment while you’re in the office. Administering incorrect treatment at home will likely warrant another office visit and possibly more emergency care in the future, so it’s important that you follow all instructions that the veterinarian gives you upon discharge.

Deciding That Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

If you’ve gone through the scenarios above and you’re still not sure whether or not to bring in your pet for emergency veterinary care, you can always call and ask if the situation warrants a visit. Our experts in emergency care can tell you the best course of action and advise you on what to do. Immediate action is often the best way to prevent the need for extensive treatment.

Preventative Care and Wellness Is Key

Many incidents that require immediate urgent care are not anything that can be prevented. A traumatic injury might seem difficult to avoid, but if your pet has brittle bones or a prior injury that didn’t heal well, it will make them more prone to a future traumatic injury.

A pet that has a chronic condition needs regular checkups, so they don’t end up needing emergency care due to rapid deterioration. Your veterinarian can tell you the signs to look for that mean your pet needs their next visit before it turns into an emergency situation.

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Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ has the expertise and compassion to care for your pet like they’re one of our own. Whether you need an assessment for your pet’s chronic condition or urgent veterinary care, call us today and we will help you get your pet feeling better as soon as possible.