Veterinary Dental Procedures

Veterinary Dental Procedures

Full-Service Dental Procedures for Your Pet

Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ offers a variety of expert dental services for your pet. Experience full service care – from teeth cleanings, preventative maintenance, and tooth extractions to minor oral surgery, your pet’s dental needs will be met at our facility.

The Importance of Proper Dental Care for Your Pet

Finding out that your pet needs dental procedures can be difficult to hear. It might sound like the procedure or recovery could be scary for your pet. Rest assured that the experts at Pet Doctor have your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. Your pet’s oral health is important and we will make sure that the dental procedures your pet receives are done with care and expertise.

Dental cleanings are the beginning of preventative maintenance, but there is more that you can do to ensure your pet has proper dental care. Pay attention to your pet’s teeth for signs of wear and tear or dental disease that requires care from a veterinary dental technician.

Signs that your pet needs immediate professional dental care might be obvious, such as broken teeth, bleeding gums, difficulty eating their regular food or refusal to eat, or hitting their face and mouth with their paws. Other signs will be less obvious, like loose teeth, extra saliva, swollen gums, or weight loss. If your pet also has very bad breath that won’t go away, that’s another sign to seek immediate care.

Additional Dental Care

While dental surgery may be required for your pet, we usually want to try other care maintenance before coming to that option. This includes teaching you how to brush your pet’s teeth at home and helping you decide on additional products that will bring your pet to optimal oral health.

There are different dental chews and toys that assist you in keeping your pet’s teeth healthy, but they’re not all created equal. The experts at Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ know which products will work best for your pet. There are also additives that can act as a mouthwash for your pet’s water, working on plaque and breaking down germs that give your dog bad breath.

At Your Dental Care Appointment

It’s important to tell your veterinary dental care provider about any concerns you have at the beginning of your appointment. This way they’ll know if there’s something particular they should be looking for. Be sure to answer any questions your veterinarian asks truthfully and thoroughly.

Professional Veterinary Services

Pet Doctor in Chandler, AZ is a full service veterinary care provider. When it comes to dental care, we provide a variety of professional services that will help keep your pet in optimal oral health. Some of the services we provide include regular maintenance cleanings, dental exams, x-rays, full mouth radiographs, and tooth polishing.

More extensive services like minor surgery to remove the root of a tooth or general tooth extraction may be necessary. Our veterinary experts will always try to treat a tooth before removing it.

Your pet will need to go under anesthesia for all of these services. Even exams and cleanings can be frightening for pets, and our technicians aim to keep them as safe as possible. Anesthesia allows the technician to perform each service safely for your pet.

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It’s not always easy to know which service you need for your pet’s dental care. Request an appointment today and our veterinary experts will be happy to assist you and schedule your appointment.